At Ali J Boutique, we teach women to wear their worthiness.

We are a fast-paced company with a deep desire to create a safe place for all team members and the women we serve.  We despise unnecessary drama and we maintain an environment free of ego.  We serve diligently, and we put in extra time to be sure the business has success every day.  

We are aiming to be the go-to boutique for women who need help with their style, but also love maintaining their power to choose.  We believe in this individuality.

We are seeking people with the ultimate desire to bring our worthiness project to the masses- which is a difficult and at times, exhausting task.  We cherish tenacity and discipline.  

Together, we can reach a  grand community of women to serve with this mission.  We can reveal the innate beauty in every woman.


Position Opportunity: Campaign and Social Media Specialist


At Ali J Boutique, we use many technologies and techniques to reach the women we serve.  One of the main ways we connect with our community is through email campaigns.  

We are seeking a person who is completely driven by being on a computer doing layout, checking analytics, and producing positive ROI’s.  Knowledge of the Infusionsoft software system is required (training opportunities prior to employment will be explained if needed).

Full-Time Salary Position 

The Work

(Big 3)

  • Build out and maintain functioning and strategic email campaigns and Facebook ad sets
  • Organize processes into clear methodologies, and document them
  • Troubleshoot technologies and keep all working properly


Daily Execution Excellence

  • Gather important and relevant information from multiple sources, build out campaign/ad set and submit for review, work with project leader to finalize campaign and move to test phase.
  • You will consistently analyze data from campaigns and ad sets to iterate and use for future build-outs.  Testing, numbers, and analytics must be a driving force for this job role
  • Together as a team, we will be identifying when a task, event, and/or mindset shift can be documented into a process.  Your task will be gathering the information, creating a methodology, and documenting for our further use and coaching others.  
  • You will respond to technology flaws, including software related and hardwired/wi-fi technologies.  You will be the go-to person to troubleshoot, whether you are required to utilize information you already know, or seek out the information.  


One Year and Beyond

The path to progression in this job role includes cleaning up current campaigns according to their relevance and ROI measurements.  Moving forward, you will be building out campaigns from scratch including Boutique Blueprint campaigns, Ali J Boutique hot/warm/cold lead campaigns, and further developing campaigns for My Midlife Closet to continually better serve our customers.  The potential for growth in these programs is dependent on the thoughtful strategy used (hitting our Avatar’s pain points 80% and their wants 20%) first, and then the correct layout of the actual campaign second.  Your analysis of campaigns to bring to Project Leaders and weekly team meetings  is of great importance to the success of our efforts.  



A great understanding of content marketing as a mindset is necessary to produce relevant Facebook ad sets.  A vast knowledge of how Facebook/Instagram algorithm works, down the the tactical steps to produce effective ad sets is required.  As this is a continually changing platform, it is expected that you will be educating yourself to stay current with the latest algorithm, and be the resource for our team.   


If this sounds like you, and you are ready for a career where you can help become something bigger than yourself, please use this link below to apply and upload your resume.