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Top 10 Things Minnesotans Think are Normal (But They’re NOT)
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If you have ever lived in Minnesota (or still do!) or know somebody who does, than you understand that there are some quirky habits that we hardy northern-dwelling people tend to keep. Minnesotans know it’s all in good fun to … Read More

An atmosphere of women supporting women is rare…so how do we achieve it at Ali J Boutique?
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To start off, I want to share with you an incredible behind the scenes video from our most recent event, our “Rustic Luxe” Fashion Show! The video sincerely portrays exactly how this day went down.  In an industry most notable … Read More

Why Shopping at Ali J Boutique is Nothing Like that “Pretty Woman” Scene
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You know the one…Vivian (Julia Robert’s Character) is given money to shop at a high-end boutique on Rodeo Drive, only to be snubbed by the snooty sales clerks… need a refresher?   Watch the classic clip here Why do we … Read More

How to Get a $1000 Wardrobe For Under $300 (Without Shopping from the Clearance Rack)

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